LetZHelp - The Team

Rui de Freitas

Instructor, Owner, CEO

Helping has always been high on Rui’s list of priorities, and that’s how he lives it.

After completing his training as a health professional, Rui acquired a sound nursing knowledge in various institutions in order to meet a high standard of patient care.

His profile is rounded off by many further training courses in the field of rescue medicine, further instructor training and voluntary work with the Zug Volunteer Fire Brigade with around 450 operations. In the meantime, he has joined the volunteer fire brigade in Steinhausen.

  • ASTRA certified First Aid Instructor
  • SRC certified BLS-AED Instructor
  • Course instructor, business owner
  • Paramedic i.t.

Laura Gehring

Instructor, Deputy Managing Director

Laura has been working in the health sector since the beginning of her career, and she does so with heart and soul.

As a trained health professional, she acquired knowledge and experience in nursing. This was initially in psychiatric wards and also in hospital. But this is far from enough for her, there is always more to learn!

Now she continues her education in first aid in rescue and course management of various courses. Her motto:
“Providing help in all areas in the best possible quality”.

  • Health professional EFZ
  • ASTRA certified First Aid Instructor
  • Deputy Managing Director

Carmen Bisang

Instructor, Head of First Aid Services

Saving lives and helping people in need is part of Carmen`s everyday life.

As a qualified paramedic HF and in the rescue sector since 2007, she knows how important it is to have competent specialist staff at events and courses. Because not all first aid is the same! Quantity does not equal quality!

Various further training courses in rescue services, as well as training and further training in security services and SEK round off your knowledge.

“The art of living is learning to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.”

  • Certified paramedic HF
  • BLS-AED Instructor
  • Instructor up to level 3

Carmen Christ-Moser

Instructor, Head of Courses

Carmen has been in active rescue since 2009, making her one of LetZHelp’s most experienced team members.

Since 2016, Carmen has been working as a qualified paramedic HF and thus experiences exactly what she teaches in the LetZHelp courses every day and is able to convey the importance of first aid excellently.

Various further training courses in rescue services make Carmen a first aider you would want to be looked after by.

  • Certified paramedic HF since 2016
  • Rescue services since 2009
  • Trainer for emergency aid courses for driving licence holders since 2009
  • Instructor BLS-AED-SRC courses since 2009
  • Various further training courses in rescue services

Irene Hess

Customer advisor

Customer advice and sales have long been part of Irene’s daily tasks.

She has experienced first-hand several times how important it is to be able to do the right thing in the worst case scenario. In the process, she again became aware of how quickly one can get into just such a situation, in which our “first aid knowledge” is in demand.

She sees it as her personal goal to enable many people to overcome the fear of immediate help and to give LetZHelp the chance to provide companies and their employees with the knowledge and experience that can save lives.

Patricia Janssen

Customer advisor

It’s not that you sell, but WHAT you sell.

And their goal is to sell knowledge in the form of courses, because: “Knowledge gives security”! And this security takes away the fear of acting in the worst case, no fear of doing something wrong when helping other people.

In previous positions, Patricia has worked in old people’s homes, at the Children’s Hospital in Zurich and for Spitex. Therefore, she knows very well how important it is to help and how quickly situations can arise in which one can use what one has learned.

Letzhelp Teambild Andreas Christen

Andreas Christen


As a trained health professional, Andreas created a solid knowledge in the field of patient care and patient care.

With his additional training in positioning care, Andreas spent countless hours in the operating theatre and was thus able to gain his experience.

Through his voluntary commitment to the Zug Volunteer Fire Brigade, he always gets to use what he has learned in an emergency.

  • Health professional EFZ
  • ASTRA certified First Aid Instructor
  • Zug Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Trained Soldier Rescue Forces Swiss Army

Barbara Meyer


Barbara only succumbed to her urge to help other people after her training as a retail saleswoman EFZ.

In 2012, she completed her training as a qualified activation specialist and just one year later she was also working in the ambulance service.

But even that doesn’t seem to be enough and so she has also been on duty with the volunteer fire brigade in Hallwil since 2020.

  • ASTRA cert. First Aid Instructor
  • Certified Activation Specialist
  • Hallwil Volunteer Fire Brigade
Letzhelp Teambild Stefano Bertoldo

Stefano Bertoldo


For Stefano, the focus is on people and their needs. And so it is not surprising that he has focused his professional and part-time career entirely on this.

Through his many years of work and training in the fire brigade and security services, Stefano has experienced many different situations. He would like to pass on what he has experienced to as many people as possible.

With his engaging manner and varied experience, Stefano is a valuable instructor who delivers each course LetZHelp style: Entertaining and practical.

  • SRC cert. BLS-AED Instructor
  • Formerly Zug Volunteer Fire Brigade
Letzhelp Teambild Benjamin Janssen

Benjamin Janssen


Benjamin was already a member of the Youth Red Cross in Germany in 2000 and switched to the active medical service in 2003.

From 2005 to 2012, he then volunteered for the German Red Cross disaster control and was thus able to gain a lot of experience in the ambulance service and disaster control.

At LetZHelp, he can now pursue his passion again and lives it with heart and soul not only in the ambulance service, but also as a first aid instructor.

  • ASTRA cert. First Aid Instructor
Letzhelp Teambild Julia Kapp

Julia Kapp


Julia knows her way around life-threatening situations: She has been working in the emergency ward as a qualified emergency care expert for almost 7 years.

She keeps an overview in hectic, acute situations and knows how to act adequately. She keeps calm and puts her claim to professionalism at the centre.

As a vocational trainer, she conveys these principles to her trainees with great passion.

  • Dipl. Expert Emergency Nursing
  • Certified nurse
  • Care specialist
  • Currently in training as SVEB course leader

Miriam Schuppisser

Instructor i.t.

Miriam has been working in an emergency ward for almost 10 years as a qualified emergency nursing expert.

During this time Miriam gained a lot of experience and knows how to act in hectic and acute situations. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science FHO in Nursing in order to deepen and broaden her profound knowledge.

In her function as nursing supervisor of the emergency ward, it is her task to ensure and constantly optimise quality assurance.

  • Certified Expert in Emergency Nursing NDS HF
  • Certified nurse HF
  • Soon to train as an instructor

Stefan Nussbaumer

Instructor i.t.

At the age of 16, it was already clear to Stefan that he wanted to work in the health sector.

He started out as a health professional in a psychiatric ward and then moved on to the emergency and intensive care sectors, where he became increasingly involved in the healthcare system.

Today, as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, he is back in an acute psychiatric ward as a nursing expert and enriches the LetZHelp team with his expertise and humorous manner.

  • Bachelor of Science FHO in Nursing
  • Health professional
  • Soon to train as an instructor

Julia Husmann

Instructor i.t.

The question is not “why?” but “why not?”

Julia stops at (almost) nothing. She started her career in physiotherapy, and since the Corona virus shook the world, she has been actively supporting the emergency ward as a nursing assistant.

Emergency situations are always acute and require efficient action. Julia likes to tackle the unexpected schematically and solve it cleverly.

In her role as an instructor, she sets herself the personal goal of conveying a structured process to people in unexpected situations so that they do not miss anything.

  • In training to become an instructor

Hugo Skeletto

Anatomy - Instructor

Hugo Skeletto has been at the forefront of LetZHelp since the beginning.

He serves LetZHelp as an anatomy instructor and is always available.

Bone chilling guy!
Very good listener!

LetZHelp - Partner

I can live out my passion for working with young people in the learning sector as well as vehicle technology on a daily basis in my job as a driving instructor with a federal certificate.

It is always exciting to adapt the learning material to the different needs of my students.

You will also “experience” your personal training programme so that you can efficiently reach your goal.

Moving a vehicle has always been a passion of ours.

As professionals, we are aware of how important it is to control the machine and with this prerequisite, riding is also fun.

It is important to us to pass on our knowledge with tips and tricks. That is why it is always a pleasure for us to lead driving lessons, further education courses, driving trainings and much more.

Vivacitas – more than just safety training!

The Vivacitas® Institute offers training and counselling on the following topics

  • Violence prevention
  • Conflict communication
  • De-escalation
  • Robbery prevention

You can also find more about our safety training in our current press article rontaler.ch!

“Safety can be learned” means that you and your employees can experience difficult situations realistically and safely in a training environment.

In our opinion, this is the only way to develop intuitive knowledge that can be called upon in an emergency and leads to safely controlled behaviour.

…already for 30 years

We combine a quarter of a century of experience in the playgroup sector elegantly with the latest findings, orienting ourselves to playgroup pedagogy and consistently placing the child and its needs at the centre.We are happy to share our expertise with anyone who wants to accompany young children creatively and sensitively – in the playgroup, in the crèche and in the (day) family.

We are two driving instructors with….
… a lot of patience, nerves of steel
and a good dash of humour!

We speak German
and we also speak English
et un petit peu Francais!

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the Zurich Unterland region when it comes to obtaining a driving licence for cars – trailers – motorbikes – boats.

Our training professionals teach according to modern standards, efficiently and goal-oriented. They maintain an open, friendly relationship with people of all cultures and are always able to respond individually to the needs of the learners.

We are looking forward to seeing you !

Thank you for your interest in my driving school.
I would be happy to accompany you on your way to the driving test.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 076 330 31 19 gladly at your disposal. Or by mail: rsfahrschule@gmail.com

New monthly Traffic studies courses from 19:00 to 21:00
to the course dates –

Continuously new Motorbike basic courses for cat. A1, A25kw and A:
to the course dates —

!!!! Reduced basic course rate for apprentices under 18 years !!!

Further information directly at 076 330 31 19

“OE is more than a classic service provider, but rather a partner:
Customer-oriented, reliable and personal, they implement our projects in the highest quality. Adjustments to ongoing projects were made uncomplicatedly and quickly”.

The Nothelferacademy is made up of young people who have made it their goal to help other people. Passing on this knowledge is just as important as applying it themselves.

We are not “power-point-reading” trainers, but respond to the needs of our participants.

Quality is our top priority! This applies to us as trainers as well as to our training material.

We are all experienced, active rescuers and prepare you for the real case in the best possible way.

We are happy to bring you closer to the knowledge on the subject of “emergency aid”. In our courses, the life-saving topics are taught in an entertaining and professional way, accompanied by films.

In a varied way, the participants learn everything that is important in an emergency/accident. From the stable side position to cardiac massage, from wound care to the rescuing forearm grip, all contents are experienced in a playful way.

LetZHelp - Useful

Medical aid from the air

Rega provides rapid and professional medical assistance from the air and supports people in emergency situations. To do this, it uses the best possible trained, experienced staff as well as state-of-the-art helicopters and ambulance jets.


The patient/customer is the focus of interest. Their needs and wishes are taken into account and always exceeded so that we can be successful as a company in the long term and thus maintain a secure place in the overall care structure even in the current economic situation with increasing competition and high information transparency. In summary, the focus is on the best possible medical care, high customer/patient loyalty and customer/patient retention.

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