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LetZHelp is made up of young people who have made it their goal to help other people. Passing on this knowledge is just as important as applying it themselves.


Wir sind keine "Power-Point-ablesende" Ausbildner, sondern gehen auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Teilnehmer ein.


steht bei uns an erster Stelle! Dies bezieht sich sowohl auf uns als Ausbildner selber, sowie auch auf unser Ausbildungsmaterial.

Realitäts - Nah

Wir sind alles erfahrene, aktive Retter und bereiten Euch auf den reellen Fall bestmöglich vor.

Our courses and documentation: Exciting and certified!

First aid courses

BLS-AED compact course

BLS-AED Complete Course

BLS-AED Instructor Course

We teach all our first aid, BLS-AED and instructor courses with our own modern handouts certified according to the latest guidelines!

An overview of the courses we offer:

We now offer courses throughout German-speaking Switzerland!

In the first aid course, you learn the basics for all life-saving emergency measures. This course is compulsory for applicants for a driving licence. No previous experience is necessary.

The first aid course refresher is aimed at all graduates of an first aid course who would like to refresh their first aid knowledge. The correct behaviour is repeated, which helps to avoid unnecessary suffering after an accident.

Are you, are your employees prepared for emergency situations? Do you have access to a medicine cabinet? Is it suitably equipped? LetZHelp comes to you!

Become a LetZHelp partner, teach first aid courses for driving licence applicants and resuscitation courses independently and benefit from LetZHelp’s all-round service.

Are you a mother, father or caretaker of a child? Do you work with young children every day and want to be sure you can do the right thing in the worst case? We offer these special courses for this purpose, also directly at your KITA.

In this resuscitation course (BLS-AED-SRC) we prepare you for the worst case scenario:
To reanimation.

In addition to the prescribed SRC course content, we also conduct realistic emergency situations with you.

In care institutions, nursing homes or at the patients’ homes, care professionals as well as the relatives of people in need of care may encounter various emergency situations.

We also offer this course for companies at your premises.

In Switzerland, every fourth person suffers from a mental impairment or illness. This corresponds to 25% of the population.

Often relatives, friends or even employers are overwhelmed with the situation.

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What our participants say about us

Find out first-hand what our course participants have to say about LetZHelp:
Mirco Righetti

Mirco Righetti

Nothelfer - Kurs

"En sehr guete nothelferkurs vo LetZHelp, es wird alles sehr guet erklärt mit hilfriche Informatione und Technike, wo mer nöd nur uf de Strass, sondern au im Gschäft oder Dihei chan ahwende! Eifach super!"

Lorena Della Torre

Lorena Della Torre

Nothelfer - Kurs

"Ech han scho mehreri Nothelferkürs bsuecht kah und de Inhalt isch ja meinschtens bi allne in etwa s'glichi, jedoch hed LetZHelp mit sinere Art de Tag echt spannend, abwechligsrich und mit sine Sprüch locker gstalted. Danke nomal und witers eso!"

Monika Osei Wireko

Monika Osei Wireko

Nothelfer - Kurs

"Danke för nen tolle Kors. Nothilf of praktischi Art ond ebbe net nor troch, ond es darf ou mol glacht wärde. vell uufgfrischt, vell neus glernt."